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The Mancos valley is well known for its quality of hay for local cattle and horses. Much of the hay raised is sent out of state.

Irrigation - hay in the Mancos ValleyMunicipal

  • Mesa Verde National Park receives its municipal water from the project.
  • The Town of Mancos also receives project water which is supplemental water to their adjudicated water supply.
  • The Mancos Rural Water Company, which serves the rural community around Mancos, was organized in 1968.


The district installed a hydro unit on the outlet works in 1995 to assist in O&M costs. The hydro unit puts out up to 250 kwh during the irrigation season only.


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  • 1941: Jackson Gulch reservoir was approved by the President for construction. The Mancos Water Conservancy District was organized.
  • 1947: Contract was awarded to Vinnell Company, Inc. out of Alhambra, California.
  • 1949: Jackson Gulch Dam was dedicated on July 3. The first irrigation water was released from Jackson Gulch Dam on July 29.
  • 1963: The O&M of the project was turned over to the Mancos Conservancy District.
  • 1976: Colorado Ute Indians claiming reserved water rights on the Mancos river.
  • 1986: Final settlement agreement with the Colorado Ute Indians water rights.
  • 1995: Construction of powerplant and first operation.
  • 1999: 50th anniversary of the Dam.