Southwest Basin Roundtable Meeting

At their November 12th Southwest Basin Roundtable (SBR) meeting, chair Mike Preston reported the fund balance is $655,916. There was then extensive discussion of the Colorado Water Plan and participants were directed to the draft plan that is now available online on the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) website ( In addition, CWCB staff, Craig Godbout directed members to a document entitled Colorado’s Water Plan: Western Slope Implementation and Themes drafted by James Eklund, CWCB director, and Brent Newman. The document outlines 10 areas of concerns expressed by the Western Slope and how those are addressed in the plan. A summary of those areas are provided on the CWCB website.
The SBR then discussed consensus language related to the federal-state-tribal nexus, future use allocation language in connection with TMDs, and whether to incorporate the draft language in the Basin Implementation Plan (BIP) executive summary. The BIP was then discussed, to include public meeting dates and locations, as well as how the SBR Basin Implementation Plan interfaces with the larger Colorado Water Plan. There was discussion about lawn conservation goals and measurable outcomes, as well as alternatives to TMDs. Public comments were then received before SBR application presentations and concept proposals were made as follows:
  • West End of Montrose County Reservoir Project ($50,000 approved from the basin account and $250,000 proposed from the state account): To support geotechnical investigations, feasibility studies, and cost analysis for two proposed reservoir sites in the San Miguel Basin.
  • Concept Proposal: Town of Mountain Village Micro-Hydro Project (consensus to support $30,000 from the basin account): To support the installation of two micro-hydroelectric generators on the Town of Mountain Village’s water system, which is currently being extended to increase reliability.
    Concept Proposal: La Plata West Rural Domestic Water Supply Implementation (consensus to recommend a full application submittal at the January meeting): For La Plata West Water Authority (LPWWA) development of a rural domestic water supply in western La Plata County. The raw water project to pipe water from Lake Nighthorse to Lake Durango Water Authority is underway, with construction set to begin in 2015. Options for a treated water dock at Blue Hill are being developed. The phased distribution design was developed with a cost of $3.85 million for Phase 1 and future phases at approximately $4 million per phase. Conceptual agreements have been finalized between Lake Durango and the LPWWA, and LPWWA and the tribes. Additional funding is needed for the water dock and upsizing the pipeline.