Forest Service Issues Wolf Creek Decision

Forest Supervisor Dan Dallas announced his decision in November to approve a land exchange between the Rio Grande National Forest and Leavell-McCombs Joint Venture (LMJV), the developer for the Village at Wolf Creek, which will provide Highway 160 access to the development. The proposed development dates back nearly 30 years to a 1986 land exchange that provided LMJV with the acreage near the ski area to develop the Village, but unintentionally not the legal access the development would need.  The land exchange nearly 30 years ago swapped about 300 acres of National Forest Service land near the ski area for non-federal land in Saguache County. The land exchange Dallas announced in his decision will trade 177 acres owned by the developer for about 205 acres of National Forest Service land, all in the general vicinity of the ski area. The swap will provide the federal government with more than 50 acres of sensitive wetlands, as well as eight springs, a pond and stream frontage, and the developer with year-round access to the highway.