Anticipated Water State Legislation for 2015

The following anticipated water legislation has been approved for introduction by the Interim Water Committee in 2015, and is provided by Bruce Whitehead, Executive Director for the Southwestern Water Conservation District:
The First Regular Session of the Seventieth General Assembly of the State Legislature will convene on January 7, 2015. The Interim Water Committee will introduce the following six bills: 
·         Appellate Process for Decisions about Groundwater
·         Invasive Phreatophyte Grant Program
·         Promote Precipitation Harvesting Pilot Projects
·         Promote Water Conservation in Land Use Planning
·         Repeal New Augmentation Standard Dawson Aquifer
·         South Platte Aquifer Study Recommendations

Also, it is anticipated that a pilot agricultural efficiency bill will be introduced by the administration. 

Representatives Don Coram (HD-58) and J. Paul Brown (HD-59) were elected in November and both will serve on the House Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resource Committee. Senator Ellen Roberts was elected as President Pro Tem by the Republican Caucus, and was appointed as Vice-Chair of the Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy Committee. The Colorado State Senate has a Republican majority, and the House is controlled by the Democrats.