The WIP has once again added a number of new book titles, including books-on-tape, to its lending library this Fall. Some of those titles include:
New Books
Albrecht, D. E. (2014). Rethinking rural: Global community and economic development in the small town west. Pullman, WA: Washington University Press.
Funk, M. (2014). Windfall. New York, NY: Penguine Books.
Groenfeldt, D. (2013). Water ethics: A values approach to solving the water crisis. New York, NY: Routledge Publishing.
Kirkbride, A. (2007). American waters. Cincinnati, OH: D&C Publications.
Peppard. C. Z. (2014). Just water: Theology, ethics, and the global water crisis. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books.
Richman, J. (2012). The ordinary truth. Torrey, UT: Torrey House Press.
Richter, B. (2014). Chasing water: A guide for moving from scarcity to sustainability. Washington, DC: Island Press.
Sandford, R. W. & Phare, M. S. (2011). Ethical water: Learning to value what matters most. Toronto, Canada: Rocky Mountain Books.
New Books-on-Tape
Kobert, E. (2014). The sixth extinction: An unnatural history. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster Audio.
Weisman, A. (2013). Countdown: Our last, best hope for a future on Earth? New York, NY: Hachette Book Group.