Book Review: Blue Mind

The following book review is appreciatively provided by Laura Spann, with the SWCD:

Instinctively, we all know that a vacation near the beach, plunging our feet into a river, or taking a long bath makes us healthier and happier. The science not only confirms just that, it underscores the benefits of water for alleviating stress, managing health conditions, improving performance, and increasing creativity. In Blue Mind, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols’ passion for water comes shining through his summaries of groundbreaking research on the brain’s connection to this elemental substance. The revolution in neuroscience brought about by the use of EEGs, MRIs, and fMRIs in the study of the human brain has uncovered our profound physiological and emotional connection with the color, sound, movement, and feel of water.  This effect Nichols dubs the “Blue Mind,” a state that calms us and provokes those “a-ha” moments of clarity. If we understand Blue Mind and seek opportunities to spend time near the water, develop urban landscapes that incorporate it, and, in times of scarcity, truly relish every opportunity we have to use it, we will all be better off. This 2014 book is available to check-out in the WIP lending library.