Water Conservation Nullified by Growth

According to an early April Water Online article, while California residents are trying to conserve water, it may do little good in the face of population growth. California water agencies are on track to satisfy a state mandate to reduce water consumption 20 percent by 2020, but according to their own projections, that savings won’t be enough to keep up with population growth just a decade later.

"California’s population, already larger than all other Western states combined, is expected to reach an estimated 44 million people by 2030. "If those projections hold, the result would be an additional 1 million acre-feet of water demand statewide by 2030. Newsha Ajami, a director at a Stanford University water research group, explained the problem. “We are having a hard time managing the scarce water we have now,” Ajami said. “The problem is, every time the drought ends we snap out of it, and we don’t actually start planning for the next drought. We need to help people understand what this means for future generations.”