Dolores Conservation District Changes Name

According to a recent Mancos Times article, the Dolores Conservation District (a WIP participating entity) is changing its name and embarking on a marketing campaign to raise awareness of its agricultural services. The first step is the name change to High Desert Conservation District. "The old name has been confusing for people," said district manager Judy Garrigues. "It's hard to promote ourselves when the public isn't clear about what we do." The High Desert Conservation District provides farmers and ranchers with resources to better manage their operations.

They also provide conservation supplies such as drip irrigation, weed barrier, tree protection, and a seed drill. District staff and board members are experts in local, state and federal agricultural programs, and know the local market. The organization arranges on-site consultations for irrigation management, soil health, cover crops, reduced tillage, salinity control, erosion, flood damage, noxious weeds and practical crop and pasture management. "We're trying to attract people who are not tied into aid programs and grants that will benefit them," Garrigues said. During the current drought, it's important to adjust management practices to preserve soil health, protect pastures and produce the best crop yields possible with less water. "A lot of people don't know what is available, so we will be doing more outreach in the county," Garrigues said. "Taking advantage of our resources will help our community become more resilient to drought and allow us to maintain our agricultural lifestyle."