Poudre River

July 13, 2009--Wastewater treatment site getting makeover in Fort Collins (Fort Collins Coloradoan)

Fort Collins residents and businesses are paying for a $31 million renovation at the city's oldest wastewater treatment plant near Old Town, with the work intended to reduce odors and ultimately produce cl

July 8, 2009--Group delays diamond exploration project close to Red Feather Lakes (Fort Collins Coloradoan)

What could one day be a large diamond exploration project in northern Larimer County has been stopped in its tracks by the faltering economy.

June 29, 2009--Corps weighs impacts on Poudre River (Fort Collins Coloradoan)

Plans to build and operate a 60-inch water pipeline from Bellvue to Greeley are being affected by other projects that would draw water from the Poudre River, including the controversial Glade Reservoir.

May 6, 2009--Fort Collins has reliable water system (Fort Collins Coloradoan)

Based on recent above-average high-country snowpack, the city of Fort Collins' 2009 water supply is in excellent shape to support the demands of this year's community usage. That's good news.

March 30, 2009--Fort Collins' concerns about reservoir persist (Denver Post)

City officials are still concerned about a proposed reservoir that would draw from the Poudre River, despite a study suggesting that potential impacts on the community's drinking water could be less than o

March 16, 2009--Fort Collins hopes to keep lid on chemical use (Fort Collins Coloradoan)

Fort Collins officials plan to continue using a light hand when applying chemicals in the course of its operations, be it removing snow and ice from streets or controlling weeds in parks.

December 5, 2008--Feds test Poudre water for man-made chemicals; find treatment fails to remove most (Fort Collins Coloradoan)

A new federal report that surveyed seven rivers across the United States, including the Poudre, and found that man-made chemicals and compounds remain in the water even after it is treated for drinking.

November 4, 2008--Water project dispute boils over (Denver Post)

A Lakewood company claims Aurora stole the idea for the city's $800 million water-purification and recycling project and is seeking up to $100 million in compensation. The patent-infringement dispute centers on how treated water from the South Platte River will be stored underground.

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