August 24, 2016--The water-energy nexus is not what you expect (Green Biz)

Saving water saves energy, but there are more reasons to save water. Earlier this summer, researchers at UC Davis confirmed what a lot of us already know — that saving water saves energy. The analysis from the UC Davis Center for Water-Energy Efficiency found that California’s mandatory 25 percent reduction in urban water use, adopted in May 2015 due to the ongoing severe drought, resulted in significant energy and greenhouse gas savings. From June 2015 to February, the electricity saved by reducing urban water use is estimated to have been nearly 922 gigawatt-hours. Because electricity production oftentimes relies on fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, this energy savings also significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions — similar in scale to taking almost 50,000 cars off the road. Saving water saves energy because of the large amount of energy needed to extract, transport, treat and distribute water to our homes and businesses. Still more energy is needed to collect and treat the wastewater that then comes from our sinks, showers, toilets, clothes washers and other sources. This energy use is referred to as embedded energy. To view the full article visit the Green Biz.