August 9, 2016--Denver Water CEO says ‘coordinated plan' is needed for Colorado waters (Water Online)

A “coordinated plan” is needed in Colorado for the state to better manage its water systems, according to the CEO and manager of Denver Water, Jim Lochhead. Lochhead, who took over Denver Water in 2010, believes that Colorado needs to have a thorough conversation about how to manage its water, according to Specifically, Lochhead would like farmers to be able to share water with Denver and other cities, claiming that otherwise, they may lose their water rights. While speaking at the annual Western Water Symposium, Lochhead gave credit to the 2015 Colorado Water Plan as a “useful compendium of the issues.” He added, however, that the plan focused on “easy solutions without fully addressing the harder challenges.” “I don’t think the solution is $20 billion of new water projects for Colorado, but that’s an easy thing to go look for,” Lochhead said. “We’re not there yet with the state water plan to develop any kind of coordinated principle vision for the future, much less how to get there,” he said. In a unique way, Denver Water is looking into the potential for putting water into aquifers beneath the city, creating underground storage. Storage that could, Aspen Journalism reported, hold water from the Western Slope. To view the full article visit  Water Online.