December 27, 2013--Colorado drought will take a decade to overcome (High Plains Journal)

KKTV Chief Meteorologist Brian Bledsoe advises farmers to continue to include drought management in their production plan in 2014. Bledsoe, who does extensive work in long-range forecasting specializing in agriculture, spoke before the Colorado Ag Classic Dec. 12. He told producers that despite the record flooding that happened in the fall, don’t be fooled into thinking the drought is over. “Was that flooding good for (agriculture)?” Bledsoe asked. “I don’t think so. Most of that water went to Nebraska. It was too much at one time.” He said most of the water ran off and didn’t soak into the soil where it could help farmers. Bledsoe said when you look at the true long-range climate drivers, which are the sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, the U.S. is currently in a neutral pattern.

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