December 29, 2014--Pulling water out of thin air and other zany solutions to water scarcity (Water Online)

Some of the most promising ideas for solving water scarcity sound like science fiction. The Financial Times explored the top proposals in a recent article, citing practical solutions as well as those that sound a little zany. According to the report, some of the most important innovations "are already on the market. Others are in development and some sound too far­fetched to ever come true. But all are designed to address a problem that shows little sign of fading." One invention, created by the company Dutch Rainmaker, aims to pull water out of thin air. The product is "a truly disruptive technology producing water off-grid, powered solely by renewable energy, with the highest energy efficiency ratings, no discharge and no need to access inflow water," according to the firm. Drawbacks? The cost. Mike O’Connor, chief executive of Dutch Rainmaker, said the price equals that of a small desalination machine. Such a machine "can range in price from $400,000 to $1m. [Dutch Rainmaker] hopes to make its first sale by the end of the year," the FT reported. Another technology geared toward tackling water scarcity is the waterless toilet. quot;The waterless toilet is on its way," the report said.

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