June 1, 2013--Together, we can meet Colorado River challenges (Denver Post)

Conservation groups and water utilities don't always see eye-to-eye on every water resource issue. A case in point: Trout Unlimited and Denver Water have yet to agree on what constitutes an adequate package of protections for the Fraser River, a Colorado River tributary and stellar trout fishery that is also an important source of water for metro Denver. We're trying to find a package of protections that keeps the river healthy while ensuring that Denver Water's need for system reliability are met through the Moffat Firming Project. We face tough, complicated issues. What we agree on, though, is the need to preserve the long-term health of the Fraser and Colorado Rivers, and the value of working toward collaborative solutions. Despite our differences, conservationists, local governments and water suppliers have found in recent years that we can work together to protect our shared interest in a healthy Colorado River — for water supply, agriculture, recreation, tourism, and the environment. We are moving into a new era of cooperation between parties that historically have been at odds with one another. Together, our goal is a more sustainable future for Colorado. The fact is, for Colorado to prosper, the Colorado River needs to serve multiple needs and interests, from Front Range businesses to Western Slope agriculture and recreation — and do it in a future challenged by growing demands on a limited water supply.

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