June 11, 2015--Flood warning issued for Durango (Durango Herald)

An isolated storm delivered a mixture of rain, hail and lighting shortly after noon on Thursday, briefly knocking out power in some places and contributing to the swell of the Animas River. A flash-flood warning was issued for the Durango area until 3:30 p.m. A roof apparently caught fire from a lightning strike in the 300 block of East 32nd Street, according to scanner traffic. La Plata County personnel are watching local roads and bridges for flooding as the Animas River begins to creep into low-lying areas. Dennis Phillips, meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Grand Junction, said Durango could see up to an inch of rain per hour. “In the Animas, you already have very high flows. Any additional heavy rain will impact that,” Phillips said. “Right now there’s a flood advisory going for that area – pretty much all along the Animas from Silverton down. Thunderstorms are just expanding all over that area, right now, across 550, even over to Telluride and down to New Mexico even.” “We’re expecting very heavy rain – we do have snowmelt coming down from the high country. Temperatures have been warm through the overnight hours too, making snow melt. There’s a whole combination of factors coming in to keep flows high on the river,” he said. To view the full article visit the Durango Herald.