June 12, 2015--Plans floated to deal with water woes (Durango Herald)

As rain washed over the La Plata County on Thursday, bringing fears of flooding, county officials wrestled with how to address long-term water needs. “We’ve been fighting for years and years over the wrong things and not paying enough attention to water. ... It’s going to be the conversation for the future,” said Commissioner Brad Blake. As many wells, especially in the western portion of the county are going dry, the county residents will need expanded water delivery systems, water docks and a backup water source, according to the county’s Water Advisory Commission. These findings were part of the presentation the water advisers gave to the La Plata County Commissioners after more than a year of analysis on specific water questions. The recommendations will help the county Planning Commission shape the infrastructure portion of the Comprehensive Plan currently being drafted. While the county has enough water to supply residents, aging and in some cases small unregulated water systems pose a major challenge. “All this infrastructure that was put in 35 years ago is failing now,” said Robert Ludwig, a member of the commission. In cases where small water systems set up to serve individual subdivisions need help, larger water systems do not have the resources to absorb them. To view the full article visit the Durango Herald.