June 13, 2015--Vallecito release has homeowners on edge (Durango Herald)

Hydrologists opened the spigots Friday on Vallecito Reservoir, releasing more water than typically considered safe to keep up with recent rainstorms. Emergency workers monitored high-water conditions on several streams and rivers throughout La Plata County. No evacuations were ordered, but some property owners downstream of Vallecito reported minor flooding and water in areas that haven’t experienced water in recent years, according to a news release from La Plata County government. A decline in precipitation in the headwaters above Lemon and Vallecito reservoirs will likely allow reservoir operators to reduce the heavy flow during the next few days, a release said. “La Plata County received much less moisture (Friday) than what was anticipated,” the news release said. Bruce Evans, chief of the Upper Pine River Fire Protection District, said the fire department filled more than 200 sandbags to protect homes and was working to remove debris from bridges along the Pine River to ensure their integrity and prevent flooding. “The river is getting stressed with that amount of water in it,” he said Friday. “These are really historic releases on both the Pine and the Florida rivers. To view the full article visit the Durango Herald.