March 30, 2014--Despite good snowpack in Rockies, Lake Mead level still expected to drop (Las Vegas Sun)

Lake Mead is drying up. At the rate we use water in the valley, the reservoir — the largest in the country — could be drained and arid by 2050. Thirty years ago, a seemingly endless supply of water rushed down the Colorado River, into Lake Mead and out of our faucets. Today, 14 years into a drought that has left the valley parched, our reservoirs are less than half full. Why? Climate change and use. The effects of global warming have been devastating. Snowfall in the Rocky Mountains, which feeds the Colorado River, is only slightly above average this year. And Las Vegans have become accustomed to green lawns, lush golf courses, decadent fountains and leisurely showers. The feds are expected to declare a water shortage for the West some time in the next two years. Las Vegas has conserved enough to be spared from that edict, but for how long? If the drought persists, the seven states that share the Colorado River will have to find new sources of water and new ways to survive. Read the entire article for coverage of 'doomsday scenarios.'

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