May 30, 2016--Colorado weather outlook for June: Lower temperatures, higher precipitation (Denver Post)

Following the unseasonably cool May across Colorado, below-normal temperatures are expected in June for eastern portions of Colorado, including the Eastern Plains to the foothills of the Rockies. However, they will not be as low as May’s. There may be more severe weather in June than there was in May as deeper moisture is drawn up into eastern Colorado from the Gulf of Mexico. This may lead to a few organized outbreaks of severe thunderstorms with strong winds, large hail and some tornadoes in June, and it may wind up being a stormy month overall. Statewide, the rather active June pattern will lead to above-normal rainfall as well as temperatures being below normal by 1-2 degrees over eastern Colorado. Western Colorado will have near- to above-normal temperatures in June. Denver’s normal high and low temperatures will rise from 77 and 48 degrees on June 1 to 87 and 56 on June 30. Again, we look for precipitation to be above normal for the month overall, with eastern parts of the state receiving the most severe eather. Temperatures will be lower than average east of the Rockies, including Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and the Plains. Highs west of the Continental Divide will run near to slightly higher than normal. To view the full article visit the Denver Post.