November 3, 2015--Durango's sewer rate to increase 25 percent (Durango Herald)

Durango City Councilors approved the appropriations for the $70 million operating budget and $21-plus million capital budget as well as a 25 percent sewer rate increase, as expected. The increase is the result of adjustments needed after 20 years of no rate increases. If the approval does not pass, the ordinance would allow for a further rate increase to raise the $5.5 million needed to make the improvements immediately needed to the wastewater-treatment plant. “Someone said that was a scare tactic,” Councilor Sweetie Marbury said, “and I don’t like that term, because it’s a reality. I’ve been attending City Council meetings since 1987, and I’ve never seen a council use scare tactics.” The council might need to hold an emergency meeting to address the rate increase if the permission to bond is not granted Tuesday, City Manager Ron LeBlanc said. To view the full article visit the Durango Herald.