September 1, 2016--In West Coast visit, President Obama goes after climate change skeptics, praises efforts to restore Lake Tahoe (LA Times)

At a conservation summit on the southern shore of Lake Tahoe, President Obama on Wednesday pointed to the environmental degradation of the lake’s once-crystal-clear waters as proof of the damage caused by climate change and warned of the threat posed by Republican leaders who continue to deny its existence. Obama never named Republican members in Congress or GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, who have questioned whether climate change is real and opposed international efforts to address the issue, but the president’s pointed critique left no doubt of his targets. “The future generations deserve clear water and clean air that will sustain their bodies and sustain their souls — jewels like Lake Tahoe,” Obama told a packed outdoor arena gathered for the 20th annual Lake Tahoe environment summit. “It sure is not going to happen if we pretend a snowball in winter means nothing is wrong.  It’s not going to happen if we boast about how we’re going to scrap international treaties, or have elected officials who are alone in the world in denying climate change, or put our energy and environmental policies in the hands of big polluters.” To view the full article visit the Los Angeles Times.