September 10, 2015--Treatment facility for Colorado mine spill site would be difficult (Denver Post)

In the aftermath of last month's massive mine waste spill above Silverton, calls for a commercial water treatment facility near the Gold King Mine have intensified. The prospect of such an endeavor, however, raises questions of cost, feasibility and effectiveness, especially in such a remote part of Colorado, sitting above 11,000 feet and often plagued by crippling snowstorms and avalanches. While experts agree a treatment plant would be the best cleanup option — removing 99.9 percent of contaminants — such facilities can cost up to $20 million to build and must run as long as a mine is leaking, or forever. A previous effort to treat water near Gold King failed when its operators ran out of money in 2005, a year after the treatment system was damaged by a winter storm. To view the full article and report visit the Denver Post.