October 5, 2015--Rains trigger flash flood watch (Durango Herald)

A flash flood watch has been issued until noon Tuesday throughout Southwest Colorado. Showers are expected to continue through Wednesday. To view the full article and report visit the Durango Herald.

June 12, 2015--Our river has runneth over (Durango Herald)

Emergency management scrambled Thursday to prepare communities downstream from Vallecito Reservoir for more flooding as a succession of unseasonably severe storms battered Southwest Colorado, causing the already-turgid Animas River to swell – in some places – dangerously above its banks. All day Thursday, the effects of two storms, and ensuing flooding, wracked communities alon

June 10, 2015--May rains boost water outlook (Mancos Times)

The rains of May have continued into June and drastically improved irrigation supply in McPhee Reservoir. Low winter snowpack had led forecasters to believe that the reservoir would not fill enough for a full irrigation supply. In early May, farmers were told they would receive just 10 inches per acre, less than half their full allocation of 22 inches. But record rain and snow in

June 10, 2015--Recent downpours shock sewage treatment process (Cortez Journal)

Higher than average rainfall in recent weeks has not only provided drought relief, but it’s also dampened sewage treatment efforts. The surplus precipitation, more than 2.6 inches in May, was a topic of discussion for Cortez Sanitation District officials at their monthly meeting on Monday, June 8.

May 27, 2015--Durango records wettest May on record; more rain is likely (Durango Herald)

It’s not just your imagination – Durango already has experienced its wettest May in at least 16 years, and more rain may be on the way. By Tuesday, 2.9 inches of precipitation had fallen at Durango-La Plata County Airport. Records at that location date to 2000. The second-wettest May came in 2011, when 1.29 inches fell.

September 22, 2014--Durango digs out from deluge (Durango Herald)

The flash flood watch for Durango was lifted at 9 a.m. However a flash flood advisory was put in place for Archuleta County until 11:30 a.m. The city of Durango awoke Sunday morning to face the aftermath of torrential downpours and violent flash flooding that took place in the early-morning hours.

May 20, 2014--Water goes 'missing' with snow loss (BBC News)

A new study finds that if temperatures rise and more precipitation falls as rain rather than snow, it will reduce the total amount of water in rivers. It is a surprising observation. One might expect the timing of water flow to change but not the overall volume.

April 8, 2014--‘Pray for rain’ (Durango Herald)

Hamburger. Steak. Prime rib. However you like it, beef is what’s for dinner on many local tables. But the folks who put it on the plate are dealing with the consequences of two years of drought and looking at another one coming up if some good precipitation doesn’t come our way.

April 1, 2014--Peak snowpack reading shows no doubt of drought (Sacramento Business Journal)

The reading from what's typically the peak snowpack of the year shows what’s no surprise even with recent rain: California is still in a fairly severe drought. Snowpack surveys are at 32 percent of normal for the date, and even the prospect of more rain toward the end of the week won’t make much difference, according to the California Department of Water Resources.

November 29, 2013--How pollution makes bigger thunderstorms: Poor air quality creates bigger, longer-lasting clouds (Mail Online)

Pollution makes thunderstorms worse by creating bigger, longer lasting clouds and cooling temperatures with their shadows, say scientists. Computer simulations of cloud data from the western Pacific, south eastern China and Oklahoma showed pollution increased their size, thickness and duration.

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