recreational in-stream diversion

August 30, 2012--County finalizes future water plan (Durango Herald)

Six years after the city of Durango’s plan for a whitewater park spurred the creation of a multi-governmental water-use arrangement on the Animas River, La Plata County’s portion of that work is coming to fruition.

July 26, 2007--If talks fail, rec water trial looms (Durango Herald)

If a dispute over how much water the city of Durango wants for a kayak park on the Animas River isn't settled at mediation next month, opponents will prepare for a January trial, the attorney for the Southwestern Water Conservation District said Wednesday.

December 29, 2006: Southwestern Water Conservation District to Acquire Water Rights (Durango Herald)

The Southwestern Water Conservation District, apparently unable to persuade the city of Durango to reduce the amount of water it wants for a kayak course on the Animas River, moved Thursday to acquire water rights itself.

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