Renewable Energy

September 9, 2016--Dammed if you do: Scientists recommend strategies to reduce environmental damage from dams (News Wise)

Dams around the world provide critical water supplies and hydropower to growing communities and hundreds of new dams are proposed for developing economies.

August 28, 2016--The key to water security could be lurking in a New Mexico sewage farm (Guardian)

The sulphurous springs of Yellowstone national park are scalding, tainted with heavy metals and acidic enough to eat through clothing.

July 9, 2016--Floating solar is a win-win energy solution for drought-stricken US lakes (Guardian)

The Colorado River’s two great reservoirs, Lake Mead and Lake Powell, are in retreat. Multi-year droughts and chronic overuse have taken their toll, to be sure, but vast quantities of water are also lost to evaporation.

March 3, 2016--Hydro power project dies (Cortez Journal)

A motion to construct a $1 billion hydro-power plant north of McPhee reservoir has died for lack of a second. The Dolores Water Conservancy District had been seeking investors for the pump-back, hydro-electric plant that would have included 2-3 new reservoirs in the steep Plateau Creek canyon, a tributary of McPhee. DWCD was not planning on building or funding the project,

October 24, 2015--The South Canal and the future of energy (Coyote Gulch)

The South Canal was sculpted through hardscrabble hills to deliver water imported from the Black Canyon of the Gunnison. The water irrigates 66,000 acres of farms and orchards in the Delta-Montrose area.

July 20, 2015--Blue Gold: tapping existing potential (Water Power Magazine)

In 2014, as the single largest source of renewable power in the US, hydropower accounted for more than 50% of all renewable generation - 6.5% of the country's total electric production. However, in sharp contrast to these rousing figures, is the growing realisation that for the past 15 years US hydropower generation has almost flat lined with less than a 2% total increase.

July 17, 2015--Pagosa Verde, county reach agreement concerning geothermal (Pagosa Springs Sun)

At the Pagosa Area Geothermal Water and Power Authority (PAGWAPA) meeting Monday night, after the routine progress report on Pagosa Verde’s drilling operation, a rather heated debate broke out over the county’s stance that it would not release its share of the bridge funding without a promissory note and guarantee.

July 7, 2015--Mapping drought's impact on electricity generation (High Country News)

The water-energy nexus spans the world of electricity generation and water movement, particularly in Western states. It takes water to produce steam for coal, natural gas and nuclear power plants, and they usually need water to cool them down.

May 16, 2015--Drought cuts power production of California dams (Los Angeles Times)

Shasta Dam, looming more than 600 feet tall and gatekeeper of the largest man-made lake in California, was designed to perform two crucial functions: Store water and generate power. And for decades, the massive concrete structure has channeled water to cities and farms while generating up to 710 megawatts of hydropower, enough to provide electricity for more than 532,000 homes.

May 14, 2015--Colorado begins $3.4 million effort to save ag water, use it to make power (Denver Post)

Colorado is embarking on a federally backed $3.4 million experiment to transform the flood irrigation farmers use to grow crops: tapping diverted water more efficiently and generating electricity. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack kicked off the "small hydropower" project Monday in Denver and announced $235 million in new federal grants nationwide to spur innovation around water,

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