October 12, 2014--Drought making Calif. more like Arizona (Arizona Central)

For many years, California has stared at the prospect of long-running drought and effectively sniffed with contempt. In the minds of many urban Californians, drought may be a burden and an annoyance, but hardly a threat to the coastal lifestyle. Yes, the consequences of long-term drought, like urban brushfires and a decimated Central Valley farm industry, may be a concern.

August 18, 2014--Only bold action will save the Colorado River (Arizona Central)

Reservoirs once filled to the brim from the Colorado and its tributaries are at historic lows due to an unprecedented drought and growing human demands. Shrunken stream flows now pose serious challenges for wildlife and recreation, as well as cities, farms and others who rely upon the river.

July 28, 2014--Conservation critical, Colorado Rivers study finds (Cache Valley Daily)

Reuse and conserve are the two big points in a new study about how to stretch the water in the Colorado River to meet the needs of Utahns and others who depend on the river. Matt Rice is director of the Colorado Basin Program with the environmental advocacy group Americans Rivers.

October 17, 2013--New Mexicans call for conservation over river diversions (National Geographic)

The western United States was settled with the help of big dams and river diversions that delivered distant water to burgeoning cities and farms, but at least one state is saying it’s time to shift gears. In a resounding voice of support for river protection, 85 percent of New Mexico residents say they want officials to address the state’s water problems through conservation, r

July 17, 2013--Study forecasts 50-year limit on Colorado River supply (Durango Herald)

With a bleak future looming for Colorado River water users, local leaders and government officials urged Congress to continue funding a study of the basin during a Senate subcommittee hearing Tuesday. “We need to make every drop count,” Sen.

December 14, 2012--Will the West ever solve its water woes? (Washington Post)

Congress isn’t planning to take action on climate change any time soon. But if the planet keeps warming, a number of states won’t be able to ignore the problem quite so easily. One good place to see this is in the Colorado River basin.

Sustainable Water Management Conference & Exposition (Albuquerque, NM)

04/11/2010 1:00 pm
04/14/2010 5:00 pm

Sponsored by the American Water Works Association. For more information and/or to register call (303) 347-0804 or visit their website.

March 13, 2008--Roundtable gives approval for central Weld water project (Greeley Tribune)

Initial approval has been given to a project in central Weld County that would provide a new wildlife habitat, provide irrigation water for the Weld Re-1 School District and send water back to the South Platte River.

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