Rio Grande

September 2, 2009--Effort in NM to keep medications out of Rio Grande (New York Times)

New Mexico's largest water utility announced a plan Tuesday aimed at educating the public and keeping pharmaceuticals out of one of the West's most important water ways, the Rio Grande.The announcement by the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority follows a recent discovery in the Rio Grande of caffeine, which scientists often look for as a possible signal for the presence of

May 20,2009--State water board names new chairman (Pueblo Chieftain)

A new chairman and a new board member were welcomed Tuesday by the Colorado Water Conservation Board, meeting at the Pueblo Convention Center. Geoff Blakeslee, a Steamboat Springs ranch operator, was elected chairman, and Eric Wilkinson, executive director of the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District was elected vice-chairman.

April 7, 2009--Alamosa looks at river projects (Pueblo Chieftain)

The city is looking at two conservation proposals that could bring money to its coffers and a better functioning Rio Grande as the river runs through the 1,300-acre, city-owned ranch north of town.

April 6, 2009--Kuenhold reviews groundbreaking groundwater case (Alamosa Valley Courier)

Attempts to resolve a precedent-setting court case regarding the San Luis Valley’s first groundwater management sub-district plan continue today in Alamosa. The sponsoring district, Rio Grande Water Conservation District, is hosting computer modeler Dr. Willem Schreüder today, Tuesday, April 7, at 10 a.m. at the Inn of the Rio Grande in Alamosa.

March 26, 2009--Officials agree to delay border plant poisoning near Rio Grande for more talks (L.A. Times)

The U.S. Border Patrol has agreed to delay spraying herbicide near the Rio Grande until more talks are held with Mexican officials. U.S.

October 12, 2008--State girds for drought if temps soar if climate changes (Pueblo Chieftain)

Some January day in the future, you might be sitting in your living room, drinking coffee made from bottled water and looking across the sand dunes in the front yard.

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