San Juan-Chama Diversion Project

December 29, 2014--San Juan water dries up for first time in 40 years (Albuquerque Journal)

The San Juan-Chama Project, which delivers water from the mountains of southwest Colorado to central New Mexico, had the first shortfall this year in its four-decade history after three consecutive years of bad snowpack.

October 23, 2013--State engineer: Let’s hope it snows in Colorado (Albuquerque Business First)

Albuquerque and Santa Fe should get their normal deliveries of San Juan/Chama water in the coming year, but if it doesn't snow this winter in the Colorado mountains, the water situation in the middle Rio Grande valley could worsen, New Mexico State Engineer

June 11, 2008--Pipeline complete for San Juan - Chama water project (Denver Post)

Workers have completed the final segment of underground pipeline for the San Juan-Chama drinking water project, the future water source for New Mexico's largest city.

July 5, 2007--San Juan-Chama drinking water project means fish, farmers won't get help next year (Albuquerque Tribune)

Albuquerque will start drinking from the Rio Grande next year as part of the San Juan-Chama drinking water project, but the actual water supply, piped in from the Colorado River basin, has been flowing past the city for decades.

July 3, 2007--Water worries Duke City (Independent)

The Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority says legislation to settle Navajo Nation claims over water in the San Juan River Basin raises concerns about the long-term availability of water from the San Juan-Chama Project.

June 25, 2007--Pueblo to share water rights under settlement agreement (Indian Country)

The parties in two long-standing Indian water rights disputes are one step closer to settling their cases now that Taos Pueblo has signed an agreement to share its San Juan-Chama Project water with four other pueblos.

June 17, 2007--San Juan River a masterpiece (Farmington Daily Times)

The San Juan-Chama Diversion Project takes water (110,000 acre-feet) from San Juan tributaries in Colorado and tunnels it beneath the Continental Divide and into the Chama River. Since 1970, this water has been flowing down the Chama, stored in Heron Lake, and released to the middle Rio Grande River Basin.

May 25, 2007--Study says impact of Rio Grande diversion plan would be `minimal' (The New Mexican)

Plans to directly divert flows from the Rio Grande near Santa Fe shouldn't harm the endangered silvery minnow or cause other serious harm to the environment, says an analysis released this week by the U.S.

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