San Juan River

February 23, 2009--Erosion places San Juan fishery at risk (Durango Herald)

Cutting through northwestern New Mexico's high desert, the San Juan River long has been known by anglers around the world for its clear water, big trout and unbelievable vistas.

January 8, 2009--PAWSD, a year in review (Pagosa Daily Post)

2008 was the busiest year for the Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District (PAWSD) in its 38 year history in terms of planning, implementing new policies and completing capital improvements.  The Board of Directors and staff of PAWSD wish to thank their customers for the input that drove several of the District’s key accomplishments in 2008, and will continue to direct decisions and act

November 6, 2008--Otters return to Rio Grande (Durango Herald)

Five river otters - a species once found in streams and rivers throughout New Mexico - were released last month on Taos Pueblo in the water of the Rio Pueblo de Taos. The otters were trapped in Washington state under a reintroduction program that involves the pueblo, the state Department of Game and Fish, the U.S.

November 2, 2008--Marvel's history of heartbreak, resignation written with water (Durango Herald)

Before 1920, Marvel fairly bustled with a post office, a school with grades from first to 12th, a bank, flour mill, blacksmith shop, lumber yard, two churches and two garages.

October 22, 2008--PAWSD revises conservation, drought plan (Pagosa Springs Sun)

The Pagosa Area Water and Sanitation District (PAWSD) Board of Directors approved revised Water Conservation and Drought Management plans last week. While both may be subject to periodic modification, each will guide responsible community water use through 2018. 

October 17, 2008--A-LP project 97% complete (Durango Herald)

When a project 40 years in the making reaches the 97-percent-done milestone, a near-completion ceremony such as the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation held Thursday for the Animas-La Plata Project probably is not unreasonable.

August 28, 2008--Taking out tamarisk (Durango Telegraph)

An unwelcome visitor’s attempt to take over the rivers throughout the Southwest is not going unchecked. Tamarisk, the “poster child” for non-native plants, is continuing to squeeze out native species and exhaust scarce water resources throughout the region.

July 29, 2008--Rocks in the river- 2 PART SERIES (Pagosa Daily Post)

Three-and-a-half years after the start of the ill-fated San Juan River Restoration project first waded into the downtown stretch of the San Juan, the remaining players finally sat down, face to face, at Town Hall and laid their various perspectives on the table. And the perspectives were varied indeed. 

July 29, 2008--Tangled waters - 5 PART SERIES (Pagosa Daily Post)

At their regular monthly meeting last Tuesday, July 1, the Pagosa Springs Town Council found themselves trying to untangle two big — and seemingly independent — water issues that have somehow become dependent upon one another as a result of ongoing negotiations with the Springs Resort. 

July 29, 2008--A bit of a stink about hot water - 5 PART SERIES (Pagosa Daily Post)

For thousands, perhaps millions of years, the Great Pagosa Hot Spring had been overflowing its banks and spilling mineral-rich, sulphur-smelling hot water across a large open meadow beside the San Juan River.

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