June 27, 2013--Fires threaten water quality (Pagosa Sun)

Not only are the fires threatening the landscape, they are also threatening water quality in Pagosa Country. With monsoon season approaching, residents can expect to find silt, ash and debris in their water sources. This turbidity can impact the capacity of reservoirs as well as the quality of water. Until the monsoon arrives, conditions are perilously dry.

May 15, 2012--The Colorado River and Big Daddy drought (High Country News)

It's not news to any of us that most of the West is in drought, that we're using more water each year than snowfall and rain replenish, that one of our biggest watersheds, the Colorado River Basin is overallocated and its reservoirs are slowly silting up. A few numbers give a sense of what we're facing:

April 26, 2011--The West’s dams share a dirty secret (High Country News)

Surveys of 35 dams and reservoirs operated by the federal Bureau of Reclamation in the West reveal that they have lost some 4.6 million-acre-feet of their original storage capacity to the lowly dirt particle since they were built, most in the middle of the 20th century. That's about 8 percent of their storage capacity, or enough water to serve at least 9 million households.

August 23, 2010--Report: Grand Canyon threatened by low flows (Summit Citizens)

Grand Canyon National Park, an American and global icon, faces serious threats to its most important resources from uranium mining, air pollution and stream depletions, according to the National Parks Conservation Association.

November 18, 2008--Bark beetles kill millions of acres of trees in West (NY Times)

From New Mexico to British Columbia, the region’s signature pine forests are succumbing to a huge infestation of mountain pine beetles that are turning a blanket of green forest

May 24, 2007--Lake Powell is doomed, activist says (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel)

Rich Ingebretsen is trying to spread a message many Colorado River Basin water managers don't like: "Lake Powell is going away." His argument goes like this: Silt will clog Lake Powell, rendering it useless, and global warming is going to ravage the West with higher temperatures and inadequate precipitation so much that Lake Powell by even the Bureau of Reclamation's estimation will be e

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