Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District

August 29, 2016--Good luck Chris Woodka—no one can replace your work on the water beat (Coyote Gulch)

Chris Woodka, a longtime editor and reporter at The Pueblo Chieftain, recently accepted the position of issues management program coordinator for the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District, effective Sept. 12. He will work with the district and Bureau of Reclamation on the Arkansas Valley Conduit and other projects. Woodka, 61, has worked at The Chieftain since 1985.

September 21, 2012--Weather, not water use, crucial factor in future water supply (Pueblo Chieftain)

A change in the climate more likely would cause a crisis on the Colorado River than more development of the rivers waters by Colorado, a consultant said. For years, water use in California, Arizona and Nevada has pushed the limits of the 1922 Colorado River Compact.

February 24, 2012--Proposed measures could alter water law (Pueblo Chieftain)

Colorado Water Congress is fighting a pair of initiatives because they could cause chaos with state water rights, but would be limited if the measures survive a Supreme Court challenge. Initiatives 3 and 45, sponsored by Richard Hamilton of Fairplay and his attorney Phil Doe, seek to apply the public trust doctrine to Colorado water rights with a constitutional change.

August 15, 2010--Conduit, storage contract under federal scrutiny (Pueblo Chieftain)

Two large water projects that have been in the works for more than 10 years will begin their journey toward reality in a series of meetings this week. The Bureau of Reclamation will conduct the meetings as it prepares for environmental impact statements for both projects: the Arkansas Valley Conduit and a master contract for excess-capacity storage in Fryingpan-Arkansas Project reservoirs.

February 20, 2010--Water construction funds safe, for now (Pueblo Chieftain)

The state’s water construction funds have been a model of self-reliance, allowing the Colorado Water Conservation Board to operate without taking a dollar from the state’s general fund.

January 15, 2010--Studies aim at water transfer effects (Pueblo Chieftain)

Studies are planned to look at the impacts of water transfers along the Arkansas River. A study by Paul Flack, former water resources manager for Colorado State Parks, will look at how water used in flow management programs from Lake County to John Martin Reservoir could be more effectively managed.

December 28, 2009--Irrigation regulations draw protests across valley (Pueblo Chieftain)

Irrigators from one end of the Arkansas Valley to the other have lined up to intervene in a Water Court case over compact compliance rules proposed by State Engineer Dick Wolfe. A four-week trial for the rules is scheduled to begin Nov. 16 and, if approved by Chief District Judge Dennis Maes, the Division 2 Water Court judge, they would become effective on Jan. 1, 2011.

November 26, 2009--Arkansas River flows drop as winter storage starts (Pueblo West View)

Flows in the Arkansas River below Pueblo Dam dropped dramatically this week as winter water storage went into effect. Flows from the dam were cut from about 350 cubic feet per second last week to 70 cfs on Sunday, as irrigators began a program that allows them to store winter flows for use later in the year.

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