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November 24, 2014--NM state engineer replaced (Daily Times)

A day after State Engineer Scott Verhines came to Bloomfield to answer questions about the Navajo Water Rights Settlement, Gov. Susana Martinez announced that he is being replaced Friday. "I really am shocked.

October 25, 2013--Wolfe to irrigators: Comply or shut down (Valley Courier)

Colorado Division of Water Resources State Engineer Dick Wolfe and Deputy State Engineer Michael Sullivan reminded the large crowd attending a well rules advisory committee meeting on Thursday they mean business about implementing groundwater regulations. "You are going to get shut off," Wolfe responded to a question on Thursday about what will happen to irrigators who neither ha

May 16, 2013--State engineer plans metering of some water wells (Denver Post)

Irrigators, municipalities and industry in parts of drought-stricken eastern New Mexico will be required to install meters on their underground wells to measure water use under a plan by the state's top water manager. State Engineer Scott Verhines said meters must be installed by January in the Fort Sumner Underground Water Basin, which is within a larger area that relies on surface wate

February 17, 2013--NM state engineer allocates water in hard hit area (Denver Post)

The Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District is getting 20,000 acre feet of water amid continuing drought. Scott Verhines, the New Mexico State Engineer and Rio Grande Compact Commissioner for New Mexico, recently announced the water allocation to help farmers and water users in the area. New Mexico is entering the third drought year in a row.

February 16, 2013--Senate confirms NM's top water manager (Denver Post)

Republican Gov. Susana Martinez's choice as New Mexico top water manager has won unanimous confirmation in the Senate. Scott Verhines was named state engineer in 2011 by the governor. He is a civil engineer from Albuquerque with more than 30 years of experience on water projects. Senators on Friday praised Verhines' qualifications and said his job is critical in the drought-plagued state.

January 27, 2013--Colorado digs to find water as aquifer-dependent residents fret (Denver Post)

A project that could pump enough water from underground aquifers to serve 100,000 more people along Colorado's Front Range is moving ahead — even as communities pledge t

October 19, 2012--State engineer says no dice to suspending irrigation rules (Pueblo Chieftain)

A time-out from Arkansas Valley surface irrigation rules is unlikely, even though farmers say they’re paying for water they’re not even using. At this week’s meeting of the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District, Dale Mauch, a Lamar farmer on the Fort Lyon Canal, asked State Engineer Dick Wolfe if the 2010 surface irrigation rules could be s

October 17, 2012--State to shut down well violators (Alamosa Courier)

Colorado Division of Water State Engineer Dick Wolfe is not waiting for full-fledged groundwater regulations to be implemented before cracking down on excessive well pumping in the San Luis Valley.

September 21, 2012--State high on dam hazard list (Pueblo Chieftain)

Colorado ranks third in the number of high-hazard dams in need of repair, according to a report released Thursday by the Center for American Progress. Colorado officials are aware of dam safety problems and have taken steps to either restrict storage in substandard dams or improve the dams.

June 1, 2012--Water users question state engineer’s authority (Pueblo Chieftain)

Water users in Prowers County have filed a complaint in water court questioning State Engineer Dick Wolfe’s authority to approve a plan for a pilot program by the Arkansas Valley Super Ditch to lease water to Fountain and Security this year.

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