Water Purification

December 15, 2014--Eight unbelievable solutions to future water shortages (Guradian)

It’s estimated that we use 9tn cubic metres of water every year. As the global population grows, it is becoming an increasingly precious resource, with millions forced to walk for more than a mile to collect their daily supply. We investigate the innovative technologies that will help tackle our water crisis in future.

August 12, 2014--Reclamation to fund $1.4M for nine desalination, water purification research projects (Water World)

Nine research projects and pilot studies will soon receive $1.4 million from the Bureau of Reclamation to address desalination and water purification needs. Reclamation's Desalination and Water Purification Research Program will provide the funding for four research laboratory-scale projects and three pilot testing projects.

January 6, 2012--Oil wells could produce water as well (Pueblo Chieftain)

While Colorado could be looking at supplying water for energy exploration on the Eastern Plains, some are beginning to look at selling water produced from oil and gas wells. STW Resources of Midland, Texas, Thursday announced an oil-field water processing pilot plant in the Permian Basin in West Texas.

January 13, 2011--Trapped sunlight cleans water (Science Daily)

High energy costs are one drawback of making clean water from waste effluents. According to an article in the journal Biomicrofluidics, which is published by the American Institute of Physics, a new system that combines two different technologies proposes to break down contaminants using the cheapest possible energy source, sunlight.

August 6, 2009--Water purification center work is under budget, ahead of schedule (Aurora Sentinel)

Once the water is treated at the Binney facility, it will combine with water in the Aurora Reservoir for ultimate combination with Aurora’s distribution system, which will then be delivered to the city’s r

April 6, 2009--10-year study uncovers toxic aspects of DBPs (Environmental News Network)

University of Illinois geneticist Michael Plewa said that disinfection byproducts (DBPs) in water are the unintended consequence of water purification. "The process of disinfecting water with chlorine and chloramines and other types of disinfectants generates a class of compounds in the water that are called disinfection byproducts.

March 24, 2009--Pueblo may aid private water firm's expansion (Denver Post)

A Pueblo water-purification company plans to add 100 jobs as it expands with financial help from the city. Gov. Bill Ritter, who attended the announcement Monday, said the company has about 30 employees.

March 19, 2009--Clean water for the world (La Junta Tribune Democrat)

Demand for clean water is rising just as access to safe drinking water and sanitation remains inadequate, officials from the United Nations said Monday during the first day of a global water forum in

November 4, 2008--Water project dispute boils over (Denver Post)

A Lakewood company claims Aurora stole the idea for the city's $800 million water-purification and recycling project and is seeking up to $100 million in compensation. The patent-infringement dispute centers on how treated water from the South Platte River will be stored underground.

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