Purgatoire River

May 14, 2013--SPECIAL REPORT: Without water, farmers are facing the toughest conditions (Pueblo Chieftain)

In the catalog of what can go wrong in farming, drought occupies a spot near the top. Farmers can borrow money, shoulder more expensive production costs and weather low prices. They can diversify their crops to prevent disease or hail from wiping them out. They can find cattle to rebuild herds after a disastrous sudden blizzard.

October 17, 2010--Scientists tracking Arkansas' water (Pueblo Chieftain)

Scientists are trying to understand how water diverted to irrigate crops makes its way back to the Arkansas River along tributaries or as groundwater throughout the basin.

February 9, 2009--Group seeks groundwater-depletion study (Trinidad Times Independent)

A call for a letter-writing campaign to convince the state of the need for a groundwater-depletion study in relation to oil and gas industry activities was issued at the Jan.

June 5, 2008--Report: Lake Pueblo runs clean (The Pueblo West View)

At the time Pueblo Dam was completed, experts expected the reservoir behind it to begin collecting sediment - a lot of it - as it drained an area of more than 4,500 square miles upstream.

February 25, 2008--Arkansas Valley ground zero for invasive tamarisks (Pueblo Chieftain)

Nearly 70 percent of Colorado land taken over by tamarisk is in the Arkansas River Basin, a recently completed mapping project reveals. “They are causing serious impacts to an already limited water resource in an over-appropriated basin,” said Jean Van Pelt, conservation outreach coordinator for the Southeastern Colorado Water Conservancy District.

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