Native Species

June 16, 2016--After dam release, river runs through the Lower Dolores (Durango Herald)

The opening of the lower Dolores River for the first time in five years was a joyous occasion for boaters who could swing the impromptu release.

March 22, 2013--Invasive species: Understanding the threat before it's too late (Science Daily)

Catching rides on cargo ships and fishing boats, many invasive species are now covering our shorelines and compromising the existence of our native marine life. In a study published in Ecology Letters, Northeastern University Prof. David Kimbro and his team examine what factors allow some invasive species to survive in their new environments and others to fail.

May 31, 2009--Haymaker works to protect wetland areas, native species (Steamboat Pilot)

With sustainability efforts and a reduced use of pesticides and water, the Steamboat Springs city-owned golf course is hoping to make a name in environmental sustainability as it protects wetland area

January 21, 2009--Calif. farmers divided over delta canal proposal (Denver Post)

Mike Robinson's family has been tilling land in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta since the 1880s, growing crops in some of California's most fertile soil.

November 6, 2008--Otters return to Rio Grande (Durango Herald)

Five river otters - a species once found in streams and rivers throughout New Mexico - were released last month on Taos Pueblo in the water of the Rio Pueblo de Taos. The otters were trapped in Washington state under a reintroduction program that involves the pueblo, the state Department of Game and Fish, the U.S.

October 18, 2008--Governor's delta panel sees water, habitat changes (Denver Post)

The governor's Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force on Friday approved a plan to help secure California's water supply and restore the ecosystem of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. To become law, the Democratic-controled California Legislature and Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger would have to approve it. 

September 16, 2008--Work begins on Vail creek dredging (Denver Post)

Colorado authorities have started dredging out 30 years of sand buildup in a creek near Vail Pass. The Black Gore Creek is choked with sand that comes from Interstate 70 in the winter.

August 26, 2008--Fish sticks, fertilizer, biodiesel? Utah looks for uses for 6 million unwanted carp (L.A. Times)

The June sucker, which is known to live only in Utah Lake and its tributaries, has been listed as an endangered species since 1986, when biologists estimated there were fewer than 1,000 left. In recent years, about 100,000 June suckers have been raised in a hatchery and dropped into the lake.

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