Roaring Fork Conservancy

June 15, 2009--Pitkin County commissioners wading into controversial river restoration (Aspen Times)

A plan to restore a stretch of the Roaring Fork River east of Aspen that initially pitted some environmental organizations against others and drew objections from neighbors will resurface Monday, when Pitk

December 5, 2008--Watershed report details river damage (Aspen Daily News)

Humans have been hard on the Roaring Fork River and its tributaries, according to a new report. We’ve drained water from the headwaters and sent it east. We’ve diverted water to grow hay.

October 16, 2008--Basalt river center plans advance (Aspen Times)

The Roaring Fork Conservancy has raised about one-half of the funds it is seeking to build a river center in a prominent spot in Basalt.

August 25, 2008--A year after huge mud flow, Fryingpan River prevails (Aspen Times)

Nature proved once again this summer that humans should be wary of intervening to ‘repair’ an ecosystem after a cataclysmic event, according to the Roaring Fork Conservancy. The latest lesson was provided on the Fryingpan River below its confluence with Seven Castles Creek.

July 10, 2008--County to remove strict ban on river dredging (Aspen Daily News)

The Pitkin County commissioners agreed Wednesday to remove a strict prohibition from the land-use code against "filling or dredging" in local rivers and streams.

March 2, 2008--Nature gets chance to heal Fryingpan River wounds (Aspen Times)

Nature will be allowed to fix its own problems this spring at the confluence of Seven Castles Creek and the Fryingpan River.

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