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February 21, 2015--Why water scarcity is such a big problem for big business (Business Cheatsheet)

Anyone who has passed eighth grade can tell you the importance of water. It’s the sustaining force for humankind and the key resource that sustains all others we use and consume. Besides balancing each ecosystem, water is used as a means of transit, is a vital component in manufacturing, and is the main source of hydration we need to survive.

January 25, 2015--Revisiting water paradigms: Finding the right frame of mind (Water Wired)

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June 10, 2011--Calculating water footprints: How much water in your food? (Environmental News Network)

Often, when you think about food production, it is only the carbon emissions in terms of fertilizer use, transportation etc that is accounted for. However, food production also has a steep water footprint. The water footprint is yet another environmental yardstick that measures how much water goes into the making of something.

June 6, 2011--Virtual water cannot remedy freshwater shortage (Science Daily)

The implementation of virtual water into trading deals has been suggested as a realistic solution to solving the global inequality of renewable freshwater, but new research suggests that it may not be as revolutionary as first thought.

Virtual Water

Virtual water involves the imbedded water-related costs behind any product. If you are interested in the water footprint of different products, visit

April 22, 2008--Water - the under-reported resource crisis (Durango Telegraph)

Soaring food prices are causing more misery round the world than the credit crunch. But what is the cause? Biofuels are part of it, clearly. A quarter of US corn is now put into tanks rather than stomachs. And oil price rises are feeding in, via the cost of fertiliser and transport. But here is something nobody has yet mentioned. Water.

March 26, 2008--Briton wins Stockholm Water Prize for showing link between water issues and politics (U.S. Water News)

A British professor who introduced a concept that describes how vast volumes of water are consumed in food production won the 2008 Stockholm Water Prize. The Stockholm International Water Institute praised Allan for creating the concept of "virtual water," which measures the amount of water embedded in the production of food and industrial products.

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