Lake Tahoe

September 1, 2016--In West Coast visit, President Obama goes after climate change skeptics, praises efforts to restore Lake Tahoe (LA Times)

At a conservation summit on the southern shore of Lake Tahoe, President Obama on Wednesday pointed to the environmental degradation of the lake’s once-crystal-clear waters as proof of the damage caused by climate change and warned of the threat posed by Republican leaders who continue to deny its existence. Obama never named Republican members in Congress or GOP presidentia

November 25, 2010--Lakes warming faster than air (Durango Herald)

A first-of-its-kind NASA study is finding nice cool lakes are heating up – even faster than air. Two NASA scientists used satellite data to look at 104 large inland lakes around the world and found that on average they have warmed 2 degrees Fahrenheit since 1985. That’s about 2½ times the increase in global temperatures in the same time period.

November 17, 2010--New report predicts severe climate impacts on Lake Tahoe area (New York Times)

Iconic Lake Tahoe could see its regional snowpack decline by as much as 60 percent over the next century, with increased floods more likely around 2050 and prolonged droughts closer to 2100, according to a new report from scientists who have studied the lake for decades. The study, written for the U.S.

July 11, 2010--Scientists roll out mats to kill Lake Tahoe clams (Denver Post)

Scuba-diving scientists are unrolling long rubber mats across the bottom of Lake Tahoe coves in an attempt to quell a clam invasion that could cloud the world-reknown cobalt waters. The half-acre mats are designed to smother dime-sized nonnative Asian clams that can reach populations of 5,000 per square yard.

January 9, 2010--NASA study: Lake Tahoe water temps warmer (Denver Post)

A recent NASA study showed Lake Tahoe's water is warming twice as quickly as regional air temperature, lending weight to predictions of warming lake temperatures made by UC Davis researchers in 2008.

August 19, 2009--The Asian clams of Lake Tahoe are getting TOO comfortable! (Environmental News Network)

The population of the coffee-colored Asian clams has soared in the southeast portion of the lake, threatening to hog

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