Interstate Compacts

March 15, 2016--Lake Powell tied at the turbines to ski lifts (Mountain Town News)

Just how much more water can be drawn from the rivers that originate near Winter Park, Breckenridge, and Aspen, as well as Crested Butte, Telluride, and Durango, before the electrical supply powering the ski lifts gets wobbly? That sounds a bit like a zen koan, but in fact, it’s at the heart of a discussion now underway in Colorado.

April 5, 2015--California drought could impact Western Slope (Grand Junction Sentinel)

Even before California declared mandatory water restrictions last week, water purveyors in the Golden State were paying top dollar for water already in the state.

December 14, 2014--How to avoid injury in a Western water war (Havasu News)

Is the West facing a water war? Facing continued drought, several states are making moves that could threaten interstate compacts and, more importantly, the amount of water flowing into the Colorado River.

September 2, 2014--Nestle has expanded its water empire to include Colorado (Care2)

Not content with bottling water in drought-stricken California, Nestle has added Colorado to its water empire: the world’s largest food and beverage company has been draining mill

March 21, 2014--Tensions over Rio Grande escalate with drought (Valley Courier)

Tension was high Thursday as top water managers from New Mexico, Colorado and Texas gathered to discuss management of the Rio Grande in the face of severe drought and a legal battle that has the potential to leave farmers in the arid region without a much-needed source of water. Members of the Rio

December 6, 2013--Colorado gets ruling on its arbitration with Kansas (Imperial Republican)

Colorado will have to negotiate further with Kansas, or go to the next level in the court system, before it can realize the benefits of its decisions to build an augmentation pipeline and drain Bonny Reservoir, in relation to the Republican River Compact.

What is the Equitable Apportionment?

Colorado water flows to eighteen downstream states and the Republic of Mexico.

June 23, 2013--Water: Does the Colorado River compact need tweaking? (Summit Voice)

Water managers in the Southwest are considering all sorts of options to address what is expected to become a huge shortage of water in the Colorado River Basin. But one path they haven’t explored in detail is a fundamental re-allocation of water between the Upper Basin and Lower Basin states. That reluctance is understandable.

May 30, 2013--7 states need 'innovative thinking' in Colorado River drought (Los Angeles Times)

As everyone knows, Mark Twain said: In the West, whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting. But with drought strangling the Colorado River, the seven states that depend on the river need to cooperate as never before in sharing and conserving this priceless commodity, according to federal agencies that oversee river allocations.

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