Water Rationing

March 20, 2015--No, California won't run out of water in a year (Los Angeles Times)

California's water situation is troubling, but experts say decades worth of groundwater remain. Lawmakers are proposing emergency legislation, state officials are clamping down on watering lawns and, as California enters a fourth year of drought, some are worried that the state could run out of water. State water managers and other experts said Thursda

March 17, 2015--California water anxiety syndrome: Feel it yet? (San Francisco Chronical)

The feeling is inescapable, palpable, more than a little scary. I’m talking about California Water Anxiety Syndrome (CWAS), of course, that sinking feeling to trump all sinking feelings, that sour knot in the pit of the collective stomach, unnerving and strange and, let’s just admit, unutterably depressing. California, as you might have heard, is running out of water.

May 17, 2014--Hundreds request more water amid Santa Cruz rationing (Monterey Herald)

 Less than a month into Santa Cruz's first water rationing in 23 years, the Water Department has received about 700 requests for more water than residential customers originally were allotted.

December 5, 2009--Rationing cuts L.A. water usage to the lowest level in 18 years (Los Angeles Times)

Lawns may be browner, cars dirtier and more sidewalks covered with leaves, but Los Angeles' water rationing effort has reduced consumption by record numbers. According to the Department of Water and Power, water use in the city was down 18.4% from June through October, the hottest and thirstiest time of the year.

May 25, 2008--In Colorado River Delta, waters--and prospects--are drying up (LA Times)

As U.S. scientists warn of a semi-permanent drought along the taxed Colorado River by midcentury, Mexico today offers a glimpse of what dry times can be like. Rationing is in effect in some areas. Farmers have abandoned crops they can no longer irrigate. Experts fear that the desert will reclaim some of the region's most fertile land.

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