Ditch Lining

October 2, 2009--Engineer files ag rules (Pueblo Chieftain)

Surface irrigation rules were filed in Division 2 Water Court this week by State Engineer Dick Wolfe. “The Irrigation Improvement Rules are designed to allow improvements to the efficiency of irrigation systems in the Arkansas River Basin while ensuring compliance with the Arkansas River Compact,” Wolfe said in the court filing.

September 24, 2009--Lower Ark ag rule plan moves forward (Pueblo Chieftain)

A plan to help farmers comply with new state rules on surface irrigation improvements in the Arkansas Valley will move ahead.

May 25, 2008--In Colorado River Delta, waters--and prospects--are drying up (LA Times)

As U.S. scientists warn of a semi-permanent drought along the taxed Colorado River by midcentury, Mexico today offers a glimpse of what dry times can be like. Rationing is in effect in some areas. Farmers have abandoned crops they can no longer irrigate. Experts fear that the desert will reclaim some of the region's most fertile land.

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