Drinking Water

February 2, 2011--E.P.A. plans first rules ever on perchlorate in drinking water (New York Times)

The Obama administration announced on Wednesday that it planned to regulate toxic substances in drinking water more strictly and would issue the first limits ever on perchlorate, a dangerous chemical found in rocket fuel that has seeped into groundwater in at least 400 locations.

January 7, 2011--US says too much fluoride causing splotchy teeth (Washington Post)

In a remarkable turnabout, federal health officials say many Americans are now getting too much fluoride because of its presence not just in drinking water but in toothpaste, mouthwash and other products, and it's causing splotches on children's teeth and perhaps more serious problems. The U.S.

September 23, 2010--Manganese in Drinking Water: Study suggests adverse effects on children's intellectual abilities (Science Daily)

A team of researchers led by Maryse Bouchard, adjunct professor at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in Biology, Health, Environment and Society (CINBIOSE) of the Université du Québec à Montréal and a researcher at Sainte-Justine University Hospital, and Donna Mergler, professor emerita in the Department of Biological Sciences and a member of CINBIOSE, recent

March 30, 2010--Environmental regulators will measure levels of plastic chemical in water supply (Los Angeles Times)

The Environmental Protection Agency said Monday it will investigate the impact of the chemical Bisphenol-A on the U.S. water supply and other parts of the environment. Federal regulators have been ramping up their scrutiny of the controversial plastic-hardener at the behest of scientists and activists who say it can interfere with infant growth and development.

September 25, 2009--Water at some U.S. schools unsafe (Denver Post)

Over the past decade, the drinking water at thousands of schools across the country has been found to contain unsafe levels of lead, pesticides and dozens of other toxins An Associated Press investigation found that contaminants have surfaced at public and private schools in all 50 states — in small towns and inner cities alike.

August 13, 2009--Bottled water boom appears tapped out (Washington Post)

The recession has finally answered the question that centuries of philosophers could not: The glass is half-empty.

August 11, 2009--Salazar to highlight West's water challenges at forum (Pueblo Chieftain)

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Monday that the West’s limited water supplies face growing pressure from agricultural uses, changing demographics and climate change - underscoring the need for mor

August 9, 2009--Some fear hydraulic fracturing will harm the drinking water (Grand Junction Sentinel)

A Halliburton Energy Services representative defended hydraulic fracturing Saturday as a practice needing no more regulation, while a researcher said analysis of health concerns is hampered by a lack of di

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