Drinking Water

August 7, 2009--Suit to halt Calif. desalination plant dismissed (Denver Post)

A judge has dismissed an environmental lawsuit challenging what is being billed as the largest desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere in Carlsbad. San Diego Superior Court Judge Judith F.

August 5, 2009--EPA reviews risk to children of percholorate in drinking water (Environmental News Service)

Perchlorate, a toxic component of rocket fuel, fireworks and safety flares that contaminates water supplies in 35 states, may come under federal regulation after a scientific review, the U.S.

August 4, 2009--St. Charles Mesa residents left without water (Pueblo Chieftain)

The Kravigs are among 97 households in the Zinno subdivision on the mesa that have been without water since Saturday night when a pump in the neighborhood's water station broke.

August 2, 2009--Water project near Dryside taking shape (Durango Herald)

The first piece of hardware in a network of pumps, a water-treatment plant, storage tanks and distribution lines to bring drinking water to residents in arid southwest La Plata County is in place.

August 1, 2009--Scientists checking Nevada Test Site groundwater (Denver Post)

Radioactive groundwater laced with the remnants of Cold War nuclear weapons testing is inching its way beyond the Nevada Test Site boundary, where scientists expect to soon find it for the first time.

July 31, 2009--Fed grant funds to ease Calif. water shortages (NY Times)

Federal agencies have pledged to send nearly $60 million in grants to help California communities, farms and dairies suffering from ongoing water shortages.

July 21, 2009--Climate change puts western water supply at risk (Environmental News Service)

The Colorado River system, which 30 million people depend on for drinking and irrigation, could lose all of its reservoir storage to climate change by the middle of the century, a new University of Colorad

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