Global Warming

April 21, 2013--Earth's current warmth not seen in the last 1,400 years or more, says study (Science Daily)

Fueled by industrial greenhouse gas emissions, Earth's climate warmed more between 1971 and 2000 than during any other three-decade interval in the last 1,400 years, according to new regional temperature reconstructions covering all seven continents.

December 12, 2012--Will climate change cause water conflict? (Science Daily)

International researchers from 14 institutions met in Nicosia (Cyprus) on the 10th and 11th of December to present and debate the results of studies on water, conflict and security conducted in the past three years in a variety of locations in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Sahel under the CLICO research project.

December 9, 2012--Scientists see big changes in winter weather patterns (Summit Voice)

Winter finally arrived in the Colorado high country, but not until the second week of December, after a November that saw average temps run an eye-popping 7 degrees above average.While the timing is a little unusual, it’s not unprecedented, and after two years in a row of lackluster early season snowfall, many people want to know if global warming is a factor in the changes.

December 9, 2012--Doha outcome: Kyoto Protocol lives, global climate deal by 2015 (Environmental News Service)

At the UN’s annual climate change conference just concluded in Doha, 194 countries agreed to an extension of the Kyoto Protocol through 2020. But the second phase still omits the world’s two biggest greenhouse gas emitters – China and the United States. Without agreement at Doha the protocol would have expired in just 23 days.

February 27, 2011--Desert dust storms to get worse (Summit Voice)

Desert dust blowing from the Southwest into the Rockies has been implicated in everything from earlier snowmelt and air quality violations to causing avalanches. A new study shows  the storms more frequent and intense as global warming kills desert vegetation. A research team from the U.S.

January 10, 2011--Earth is twice as dusty as in 19th century, research shows (Science Daily)

The amount of dust in the Earth's atmosphere has doubled over the last century, according to a new study; and the dramatic increase is influencing climate and ecology around the world.

August 11, 2009--Salazar to highlight West's water challenges at forum (Pueblo Chieftain)

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Monday that the West’s limited water supplies face growing pressure from agricultural uses, changing demographics and climate change - underscoring the need for mor

August 8, 2009--Warmer climate could raise Reno flood threat (Denver Post)

A warming climate could mean more floods in the Truckee Meadows, but officials say adopting recommendations in a new report could help limit the danger.

August 2, 2009--Sun splits water for a cleaner, brighter tomorrow (Telluride Daily Planet)

On Tuesday, Nocera will present the Pinhead Town Talk, "Personalized Energy: A Carbon-Neutral Energy Supply for Each Individual (x 6 Billion People)." He will illuminate how his revolutionary invention cap

July 30, 2009--Rich nations vulnerable to water disasters (Environmental News Network)

The growing shortage of water - a perennial problem in the world's poorer nations - is expected to eventually reach the rich nations in the Western world.

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