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August 4, 2016--As thirsty cities drive up water's price, can farms survive on the Front Range? (KUNC)

Few things are more valuable to a farmer in the arid West than irrigation water. Without it, the land turns back into its natural state: dry, dusty plains. If a fast-growing city is your neighbor, then your water holds even more value. Farm families in Western states like California and Colorado are increasingly under pressure to sell their water.

March 19, 2009--Quality Water protection planning starts (Fort Morgan Times)

Because area residents, farming operations and entire subdivisions rely on the Morgan County Quality Water District for their primary source of water, a team of stakeholders met for the first time Tuesday

November 13, 2008--Wiggins to try Weldon water plan again (Fort Morgan Times)

Despite appeals by those who do not want to buy shares of Weldon Valley Ditch Co. water, the Wiggins Town Council voted 4-2 on Wednesday to start the process of buying this water — again.

August 8, 2008--Wiggins eyes water from Fort Morgan (Fort Morgan Times)

Wiggins still has time to consider its plan to buy land and water north of the town, but it is also talking with Fort Morgan about buying some of the city’s water. The deadline for approving the Wiggins Project came and went Wednesday. but the town received an extension on its contract to pursue that option.

July 16, 2008--Mussels found at Granby (Denver Post)

State and federal officials have confirmed that quagga mussel larvae have been found at Lake Granby, the large reservoir in Grand County. The Colorado Division of Wildlife has joined with the Bureau of Reclamation, U.S.

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