Bottled Water

August 29, 2016--Americans are buying more bottled water than soda (Environmental News Network)

This year is on track to see Americans’ consumption of bottled water outpace their soda drinking for the very first time. According to Euromonitor, a market research firm, the average American will buy 27.4 gallons of bottled water, compared to 26.2 gallons of soda drinks. Is this a good thing?

May 17, 2015--Food and beverage companies wake up to water risks (Water Currents)

Last week, Starbucks announced that it would stop sourcing and producing its bottled water brand, Ethos Water, in California and shift production from the Golden State to Pennsylvania.

November 7, 2014--Nestlé water plant's impact on sacramento's supply (Capital Public Radio)

A Nestle Waters North America bottling plant has operated in South Sacramento since 2010.

September 2, 2014--Nestle has expanded its water empire to include Colorado (Care2)

Not content with bottling water in drought-stricken California, Nestle has added Colorado to its water empire: the world’s largest food and beverage company has been draining mill

July 16, 2014--The invisible high price of your little bottle of water (Los Angeles Times)

The oil used to make the plastic for all those bottles of water each year could fuel 1.3 million cars. Plastic bottles are shipped to Fiji to be filled, then shipped to us. A crazy way to get a drink of water. Bottled water is usually a waste of money and, beyond that, an environmental mess.

July 3, 2014--Bottled water drinkers should know what they're consuming, lawmaker says (Politix)

Bottled water companies would have to provide content information to consumers upon their request, under legislation introduced by Rep. Renee Ellmers.

February 9, 2014--Mancos without potable water; school closes; bottled water needed (Mancos Times)

Mancos residents were left without water after pumps failed Saturday morning at the water treatment facility. Residents within the town limits may be without water for the next 48 to 72 hours as crews work to restore it, said Andrea Phillips town administrator. Rural Mancos water users are unaffected.

October 22, 2013--Bottled water puts children at risk for tooth decay, former ODA president says (CBC News)

It's a convenient choice when you're running out the door to hockey practice, but choosing bottled water over fluoride-spiked tap water puts children at risk for tooth decay, according to a former president of the Ontario Dental Association. "It can certainly have an effect cumulatively.

October 17, 2013--The coming water wars (Washington Times)

As competition for the precious resource grows, water will be a key to war and peace. In an increasingly water-stressed world, shared water resources are becoming an instrument of power, fostering competition within and between nations.

October 25, 2012--Red Cross delivers drinking water to Navajo village (Durango Herald)

The American Red Cross has delivered 180 cases of drinking water to residents of the Navajo Nation Ramah Chapter House after a well pump failure in the small northwestern New Mexico village of Mountain View, about 250 miles west of Albuquerque. Officials say 150 families were affected Wednesday.

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