Nestle Waters

August 13, 2009--Bottled water boom appears tapped out (Washington Post)

The recession has finally answered the question that centuries of philosophers could not: The glass is half-empty.

August 6, 2009--Chaffee mulls Nestle bid to bottle spring water (Denver Post)

Chaffee County commissioners spent hours Wednesday deliberating a proposal by Nestle Waters to ship Arkansas River Valley spring water to Denver for bottling.

June 16, 2009--Water risks ripple through the beverage industry (NY Times)

As environmental worries cut into sales from traditionally lucrative bottled water, beverage companies such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle and SABMiller are becoming more attuned to the risks of negative consumer environmental perceptions.

March 20, 2009--Chaffee County delays Nestle water plan (Pueblo Chieftain)

Chaffee County Commissioners delayed deciding Thursday on a proposal from Nestle to harvest natural spring water and truck it to its Denver bottling plant. Nestle Waters of North America Inc.

August 4, 2008--California fights Nestle's plan to bottle pristine waters (Environmental News Service)

The State of California will challenge the environmental plan for a bottled water plant that Nestle Waters North America intends to build in Siskiyou County if the company does not revise its contract to pump water from the McCloud River, says the state's top lawyer.

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