Norwood Water Commission

Norwood, Mountain Village Impose Water Conservation Measures, While Water Call Threatens Ouray

In May the Norwood Water Commission and the Town of Norwood posted water restriction notices asking customers to begin saving. In the Telluride area, the Town of Mountain Village also set limits on residential water usage.

October 13, 2010--Wright’s Mesa: high and dry? (Norwood Post)

Water is always a concern in the West, and while Norwood is no different, it has its own unique problems, one of which some say may be the Colorado Water Conservation Board’s (CWCB) proposed in-stream flow (ISF) appropriation being discussed in earnest by all San Miguel River water users.

Norwood Water Commission Update

The days of receiving drinking water safety violation notices from the Norwood Water Commission are over. On March 3rd, the commission switched to a new water treatment method. In order to increase the quality of drinking water in the Norwood water district, the commission will stop using chlorine to disinfect water.

August 29, 2008--Tensions escalate at water protection meeting (Norwood Post)

It started with the Town of Norwood’s innocuous efforts to protect drinking water, but last week the situation reached a boiling point when the Farmers Water Development Company threatened to pull the water it sells to the municipal system.

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