Willow Creek Reservoir

February 13, 2009--Grand Lake officials aim to contain invasive mussels (Grand County Sky-Hi Daily News)

Town of Grand Lake officials are currently working with state and federal agencies on how 100 percent compliance can be achieved around the Three Lakes (Granby and Shadow Mountain Reservoirs and Grand Lake) and Willow Creek Reservoir to ensure that boats are hot-power washed before

November 3, 2008--Chemicals found in Grand County lake (Summit Daily News)

The Colorado River inlet to Shadow Mountain Reservoir showed traces of tree-spraying chemicals, but other Grand County lakes did not, according to government tests. Both carbaryl and permethrin were found at the one test site, according to Grand County Water Quality Specialist Katherine Morris. 

September 27, 2008--Mussels found in three lakes (Rocky Mountain News)

Invasive mussels have been found in Grand Lake, Shadow Mountain Reservoir and Willow Creek Reservoir in the northern Colorado mountains, the Colorado Division of Wildlife said Friday.

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