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December 10, 2015--Disagreement between state and EPA over Gold King Mine spill lingers (Durango Herald)

Additional details released this week by the Environmental Protection Agency concerning the Gold King Mine spill continue to highlight the state’s possible role in the disaster. The EPA released further details on Tuesday evening, hours before a congressional panel on Wednesday morning would interrogate Interior Secretary Sally Jewell on her department’s role in investig

December 9, 2015--Congress calls for new Gold King Mine investigation (Denver Post)

 In the face of what he described as "stonewalling" by the Obama administration, the head of the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources on Wednesday called for a new, independent investigation into the federal response to the Gold King Mine accident in southwest Colorado. The request by U.S. Rep.

December 8, 2015--EPA: 'Nowhere near' needed funds to clean up Colorado toxic mines (Denver Post)

Superfund cleanups are launched less often, and those in progress take longer to complete — including 19 in Colorado that target mining and other disasters — according to a study released Tuesday by a national coalition. Environmental Protection Agency officials, responding to Denver Post queries, confirmed a backlog saying there's nowhere near the funding to conduct cleanu

November 29, 2015--Owner of Gold King Mine feels victimized by EPA (Durango Herald)

Todd Hennis, owner of the Gold King Mine, was vacationing at a remote lake in upstate New York when a friend sent him images of the Environmental Protection Agency-contracted crew’s triggered blowout on his property, effectively turning the Animas River into an orange spectacle.

November 23, 2015--Silverton, San Juan County officials will pursue Superfund (Durango Herald)

After more than 20 years of debate, the town of Silverton will officially engage the Environmental Protection Agency to work toward listing the mining district in the Upper Animas watershed as a Superfund site. Thursday night, San Juan County commissioners and the Silverton Town Board trustees said a motion will be presented at those agencies’ next respective board meetings to direct

November 14, 2015--Silverton leaders leaning toward Superfund after Gold Kine Mine spill (Denver Post)

For roughly two decades, Silverton has rebuffed federal Superfund dollars to clean up the scores of abandoned mines leaching contaminants into its surroundings. But in the wake of the Gold King Mine spill, and under immense pressure from its downstream neighbors, the southwestern Colorado town's leaders are now leaning toward endorsing the controversial remedy.&nbsp

November 12, 2015--Colorado, EPA clash over state role in Gold King Mine deluge (Denver Post)

Colorado officials are disputing Environmental Protection Agency accounts of the botched cleanup at an inactive mine that spilled 3 million gallons of toxic heavy metals into the Animas River, saying state experts gave advice but did not approve EPA actions. An EPA internal review of the disaster found that state Division of Reclamation Mining and Safety experts supported EPA wor

November 11, 2015--Superfund tour through Colorado paints positive picture (Durango Herald)

It was a long, difficult road as the community of Leadville went through a more-than-20-year process through the Environmental Protection Agency’s hazardous cleanup Superfund program.

November 6, 2015--EPA widens investigation into Colorado mine-waste spill (Denver Channel)

The Environmental Protection Agency's inspector general is expanding its investigation into a toxic spill from an inactive Colorado mine to include questions about whether the agency was following its own rules when it triggered the blowout. The inspector general's office said that it will add more than a dozen lines of inquiry, some requested by Congress and others raised by a rev

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